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Who is Mariel Marino?

Mariel Marino, established makeup artist located in Jersey City, NJ with work based in New York City. Her meticulous attention to detail, her versatility and professionalism is what makes her a favorite among her clients and production industry.

Mariel’s clients include: Vanessa Simmons, Maria Barges,  Echosmith, Luna Blaise just to name a few. Some of her greatest highlights in her career can be viewed on international magazine spreads like Vogue, and Winky, BMW, Foot Action campaigns to name a few.

Mariel has risen to the top of her career, working on set of MTV and US Weekly, Yahoo and BuzzFeed for starters and continues to progress in every project she completes. Her work won't end there, she plans on taking her talents to work on sets of world wide productions and building her brand of cosmetic accessories — Mariel Marino Cosmetics

Who is Mariel Marino?
Mariel Marino Makeup Mariel Marino Cosmetics

It started with a vision

After spending ten years in the beauty industry, Mariel saw a need for quality cosmetic bags in the market and wanted to serve her consumers and artists in the beauty industry.

While spending countless days inside during the pandemic, Mariel wanted to make a difference in her industry, and knew this was the perfect way to become an extension to her clients and future clients as well.

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