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  • When will I receive my order?
    Since this is a single person ran business, expect change in delivery dates via USPS. Updates on delivery dates can be found via @marielmarinocosmetics via instagram/Tik Tok All deliveries are sent via USPS and can take 1-7 days depending on the region you‘re in. Deliveries in the East Coast: 1-3 days Deliveries in the West Coast: 4-7 days All estimates are based on USPS potential weather advisories can cause delays to destinations and from fulfillment center.
  • Curbside Pick Up
    Curbside pick up is available at fulfillment center in West New York, NJ. Only on Sundays. *Exact location disclosed at checkout.
  • How to Care For Cosmetic Bags
    Best way to keep your cosmetics bags santized is to use a 70% alcohol based product this includes: Lysol wipes/spray and rubbing alcohol
  • How long can keep my lashes on for?
    The recommended time limit to keep your lashes on is 8-15 hours. always make sure to remove lashes before going to bed to prevent possible infections.
  • Can I use the individuals [cluster lashes] with a bond/long term adhesive?
    Yes! Our Individuals can me used which ever way you see fit! Individuals give a wide range of sizes to customize your look with. removal of lashes depends on bond/adhesive used with the lash.
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